Edge POS Help

We help many Edge users with QuickBooks integration so you can export sales into QuickBooks and get an accurate profit and loss each week rather than waiting a year from your accountant.

Below are two helpful files for Edge users in figuring Sales tax for their state sales tax reports. One is an explanatory PDF file and it is also pasted inside of the Excel spreadsheet on the first tab.

Simple and easy way to quickly and accurately figure your sales tax report.


The Second pdf file is to help you know where a bill is entered into The Edge depending upon where you'll start the sale in the edge point of sale screen. You'll see why your inventory numbers may not match QuickBooks and The Edge.

The third pdf file is a look at how we setup your QuickBooks accounts, whether we start from scratch or fix your current file. Now you can see how the 3 profits centers are doing in your store and you can produce your own Profit & Loss Statement on your own each month.

The 3 profit centers in a jewelry store are:

  • Product Sales
  • Shop Sales
  • Scrap Gold Sales

Also look at the "Jewelers Profit and Loss Statement" to see how much clearer a set of books can be. This is the only way to see the shop's profit.

If you Post/Export from Edge to QuickBooks you'll want to print the chart "Which Account To Pay In QuickBooks From The Edge"


David Geller

2017 QuickBooks-Edge Chart of Accounts

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Jewelers Profit and Loss Statement

Click filename below to access file


Getting The Right Sales Tax Numbers

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Sales Calculation Worksheet in Excel 2003

Click filename below to access file


Procedures for Buying Gold-Edge or Other POS

Click filename below to access file


How to know where to enter costs in QuickBooks and in The Edge

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Which Account To Pay In QuickBooks From Edge Sales


Why you should not enter custom design sales in Edge as STOCK

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Paying RJO in QB

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