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Who is David Geller?

JewelerProfit came as an off-shoot from a retail store in Atlanta, Georgia owned by David Geller. For over 25 years "Jewelry Artisans" was a major retail store in Atlanta doing repairs and custom designs for the Atlanta population.

As a 14th generation jeweler, David Geller operated a succesful store in Atlanta doing over 8,800 jobs per year when the business was sold to an employee in 2000.

David created the now famous and widely used "Geller's Blue Book' in his store to assist his sales staff in pricing the nearly 9000 jobs per year and add to the company's bottom line. With a time study under his belt, it took David over 2.5 years, over 30 hours per week to put together the first volume.

Now over 10 years later the Blue Book to repairs and David Geller himself have become household names in the jewelry industry. The Blue Book can be found on counters through the U.S.A; Great Britian, Guam, Australia; Italy and Canada.

Now dedicated to helping the independant jeweler David assists jewelers with running and pricing a profitable shop; setting up point of sale programs and aligning them with QuickBooks (David is a QuickBooks Pro Advisor) and running boot camps across the country to assist jewelers see their dreams of entreprenuership unfold into their bank account.

David Geller