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Free 11 Page Sample

Go to the middle of this screen and click on the "Free 11 page sample-Geller Blue Book For Release 6.40 January 2024". It will open up a "pdf" file with 11 pages describing Geller's Blue Book to Jewelry Repairs. We have at random selected some of the pages from the price book for your review. If you go to the "Geller's Blue Book" tab on the immediate left there is an explanation of how the prices are derived in the book. Labor, material and self insurance for stone breakage. So listen to that video to find out how the book is built.

The sample pages below show a few pages from each chapter. When you click on the pdf file below

It will open a new window and view the sample in your Adobe reader software.

To come back to us, just close the reader window.

Sample Pages For Geller Book Release 6.40 2024

Click filename below to access file


You only need Adobe Reader on your computer to be able to open this file,
which most people have.

(If you try to open this file and get an error, you need to get the free adobe download, which only takes a minute)

If you don't have the ability to open a "pdf" file you can download for yourself a FREE copy of "Adobe Reader". It's easy and safe, just go to the link below and follow the easy instructions.

If you'll "right click" on the link below and click on "open in new window", then after downloading it's easy to come back to us.

Then you'll be able to open the file and then PRINT it.

Here is a direct link to the download site for Adobe Reader:     http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2.html



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