Microscope Camera

How to almost DOUBLE repair income with a device that will cost you $200 to $500!


    Recently I was sharing the podium with Dave Richardson of Jewelry Sales Training and also Don Hoffman of The Self Sufficient Jeweler in Columbus Ohio and was introduced to the neatest, easiest way to help customers at the counter with repair intake.

    Don showed us about a small hand held microscope that is about the size of a hot dog and attaches to a monitor and you can show the customer what her bad prongs look like and the prongs are the size of golf balls!

There are two types of microscopes. 

   The USB type has a cord that plugs into a USB port on the computer. Most printers today use the same plug. If you buy this one it would show a picture on the computer, you could print it and even save it.

  The T.V. model has a plug just like your monitor plug on your desktop. If you remember when you put your computer together the monitor has a wide plug with about 9 or 18 pins in it. This is for a monitor. So the T.V. model plugs into a monitor and you don't use a computer. That's what Don did in the picture above. You use the microscope and monitor. PERIOD. A monitor, 15" (good size for a showcase) is about $180 at Office Depot. Shucks, for a couple of hundred bucks you can show customers their prongs, inclusions, problems and get them to get more things fixed and you're a professional.



    You connect the camera to either one of the new LCD flat computer screens (and you're done) or you can connect it directly into a computer and view it and save it as a picture there. Connecting it to your computer allows you to take pictures for inventory for your POS program. Either way you can easily show a customer her diamond and prongs by just pointing (you can order a stand for it as well).


    A flat panel computer 15" monitor is $180 at Office Depot and takes up so little space. So for a couple of hundred bucks you can have a great large picture of any part of a piece of jewelry and show the customer with a monitor that takes up so little space. More, the microscope plugs into the back of the monitor, no computer is needed. Even baby boomers can use this!  :-)


    Don holds the customer diamond ring that's being taken in for repair and says "let's MICRO-INSPECT" each one of your stones. Here, take a look with me. 

Where to buy this money maker

  Through the years I have met a range of talented people in the jewelry industry.

  Wayne Emery is just one of those people. 

  Wayne is a terrific bench jeweler, Cad designer, colored stone cutter (we recommend Wayne in our book for cutting and fixing chipped colored stones for your store).

In addition, Wayne is also a professional photographer!

   After I showed Wayne this neat little camera, he jumped on it like a bee to honey. He imports these from China at good prices and when you go to his site you'll see what tools he's added.

  The camera comes with a light in the end to help when taking the picture or using it for take in repairs. But if you're looking to make print quality pictures or just need a really great picture, the camera needs a better light source.

  Many jewelers use this little camera and the light box Wayne created to take pictures for inventory. Yes, this camera setup works with most all of the Jewelry Point of Sale programs.

  So being Wayne is a professional photographer he knew it would be helpful to have a light box. So he manufactures his own light box to go along with.



  You'll find Wayne Emery to be a terrific guy to work with and everyone who bought the camera setup from him got great customer service.

  You don't need the light box for taking in repairs as Don Hoffman's picture shows at the top of this page. But the light box really enhances pictures when you need better.

  You can contact Wayne by calling him direct:

(563) 355-0891

His website where you can see it all:   The Little Camera Website

Don't forget, he cuts and repairs stones as well. What a guy!

Go make money from repairs. Spend a couple of hundred and become the professional you are.


 David Geller
Repair Profit Guru Director