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*New Book Update Jan 2021-2022 > QuickPick Repair List 3 for $15.00
QuickPick Repair List 3 for $15.00

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Price: $15.00
Availability: in stock
Prod. Code: QuickPick Repair List

2 sided, full color Quick Pick Repair List

Has 20 most used repairs. Sizing a ring larger? Chose "4 sizes large" on the chart and bingo, instant pricing, no figuring additional sizes up.


  • 14kt, 18kt & Platinum sizing
  • Beads, "U"s and ring guards inside of a ring, with pictures
  • Tips & prongs, with pictures of a good and bad prong or tip
  • Converting to pierced posts, 14kt, 18kt & platinum
  • Solder
  • Setting stones
  • Lobster claws installed
  • Watch Batteries (4 price ranges)
  • Shorten watch bands


These comes packaged to a pack of 3 for $15.00 (Includes first class shipping in a #10 envelope)

SHIPPING NOTICE: You DO NOT NEED to add shipping charges for just pages. These are shipping at no charge for shipping in a #10 first class envelope.


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