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Upgrade your Version 1.0 || 2.0 || 3.2 || 3.5 || 4.0|| to Version 5.0 RELEASE 6.0

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Price: $199.00
Availability: in stock
Prod. Code: 3000

Because you have an older version of the Geller Blue book you can upgrade to the newest version and save over starting from scratch.

This is what you'll get with your upgrade:

  • The newest Geller Blue Book version 5.0. Release 6.0 Gold at $1250-$1350.00; Platinum at $900-$1000.
  • 3 ring binder so updates can easily be sent out. Also includes inside the front cover of the book a pocket calculator and brass millimeter guage.
  • A copy of our QuickPick repair list, showing 20 of the most used repairs.
  • Counter mat showing customers 3 choices for cleaning or polishing their jewelry.



Only $199.00 for all 3 items. Plus you get access to our complete video training site for the staff. several hours of video training showing the staff what is on every page of the book, how to sell repairs and custom design and what to say to customers concerned about price. Click here to see our training modules.

Password is "geller".

Shipping will be added to your credit card charge. This site doesn't actually charge your card, Renie does, typically $12 to $20 extra.Order your new upgraded Geller Book now and start making more money from the shop.



David Geller

Director of Profit

P.S. Remember repairs are not price sensitive they are trust sensitive and they must be as they have a 90% closing ratio!

P.P.S. Additional copies of the book are only $75.00. Maybe you should have one:

  • In the shop
  • At every telephone station
  • Sales staff should have their own.