Scratch Off Postcard
Scratch off post card to reduce inventory

Here is a terrific traffic builder to get customers into your store and unload a lot more unwanted merchandise. mail these to your customers to entice them to coem in for great discounts but WAIT! There's More !

The customer can only rub off the gold dot in front of your customer to be valid. After rubbing the gold circle the customer will see what they've won. Could be even bigger discounts or prixes that you have decided to give away in advance. because they have to do this inside of the store only, it draws traffic. Rub off at your home? Doesn't count.


See pdf file below for the front and back picture of postcard.

Very economical and Kim Kramner will print and mail these for you. below are the prices:

2000 @ 1.95 each plus $295.00 set-up
3000 @ 1.75 each plus $295.00 set-up
4000 @ 1.55 each plus $295.00 set-up
5000 @ 1.35 each plus $295.00 set-up

Plus 39 cents each for first class postage.  

Contact Kim Kramer directly (he's a friend of mine) and let him know how you found out about it, he likes to track his buisness (as you should).


Kim Kramer

(800) 474-9976

Scratch Off Postcard



Scratch off Postcard, Click PDF file below for bigger details

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