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Battery Minimums
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The Battery Order Form is what we used in our store with already filled out numbers to order and keep in stock, but the last two pages are BLANK allowing you to put in your own numbers.
The Renata form is a sheet by them , another way to order.
Here's how we used this form:
Never run out of the correct battery. Having 5 jewelers and a shop foreman, all installing batteries we'd get low or heaven forbid run out.
So we printed this form up twice. Typed in each field the 
a. Battery number
b. How many to order at a time
c. Minimum to keep on hand (in other words if it gets down to this number-ORDER MORE!)
We made TWO. One was taped inside of the drawer-permanent
The second was laminated and laid loosely in the drawer. So when anyone noticed we needed to order more "#317" batteries they just handed it to the office staff, who ordered them and saved the laminated card on a clipboard.
When the batteries arrived they gave the batteries and the laminate back to the shop foreman. he put the batteries in the right drawer and put the laminate back in to be used again. 

Battery Order Form

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Battery Minimums

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