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Counter Mat (Buy 1 or 2)

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Price: $39.00
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Prod. Code: 2932

We have developed a new counter mat for your store to quickly and easily quote repair prices. You can also make your own pricing sheets if you like and insert them. You can see the clear sheet lifts up and you can turn over the sheets for other pricing orprint & insert your own. We give you 2 sets of sheets, double side printed (thats 4 pages) and they slide under the clear top that opens up. Picturs of the 4 sheets are way below.


Measuring 9.5" by 8.0". Has a rubber backing and on the top of the mat has this permanently printed:


We give you the colored sheets pictured below or you can of course print your own and easily slip them in and out. I designed it so all 4 sheets we send you can lay under the clear top and you can easily point to the price and go about your day.


Also notice "Express Pricing" is listed as well. We charge 50% more for Express which is anything done while you wait or within 24 hours. Buy many jewelers can't or want to do as fast of service so for you it might mean just "faster than our normal promise date." We found when offered express service 40% of customers choose that option. 


Here are some shots of all 4 sheets you will get. This first one is on top when you receive the mat and offers the Back to Factor Specs along with Tips & Prongs, done with a torch and done with a laser. 







This is what the counter mat looks like when closed:




So order your counter mat today, you may want to get several whereever the staff takes in repairs. It also is a great place to lay the customers jewelry on when taking it in. Its smooth and saves you from scratching your showcase glass. Plus the customer sees what you offer rather than looking at a plain pad you might use. 


The color counter mat with 2 double sided sheets inserted is only $30.00 each. Buy 3 of them for only $79.00! Just click on the PRODUCTS screen the "Counter Mats-3" and they are only 3 for $79.00. If you want 1 or 2 click the green "Add to Cart" above but if you want to buy 3 counter mats for only $79.00 just click "back" and click on "Counter Mats-3 to an order $79.00". Either way if you are just ordering counter mats on the cart.


The shipping is manually added in our office by Renie. These mats are shipped in a "Priority Mail" flat $9.00 to your order for a total of $39.00 for one or if you buy 3 for $88.00.


If you'd like to make your own sheets just do it in Microsoft Word or Excel. The size of the sheet itself is 9 1/2" x 6 3/8".


SHIPPING NOTICE: You DO NOT NEED to add shipping charges for just pages. Renie will charge an additional $9.00. to your order. 


This website never charges your credit card, we do in the office.