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Eye Loupes


Many jewelers have advertised

"Come into ABC Jewelers, look at our fabulous diamonds and get a
FREE jewelers eye loupe"

The jeweler who first gave me this idea sold 50 diamonds his first week.

In our store we gave the loupes to repair customers who said "How do I know you won't swap my diamond?" We taught them about their stone and then would say:

"You know, I bet you travel a lot. Allow me to give you this loupe as our gift and you can check your own stone any time you have your rings cleaned some place else."

You could see the tension in their shoulders go away as we proceeded with the job.

Better Quality - Steel loupe, chrome plated all over. Heavier loupe. This loupe is a 10 power eye loupe - DOUBLET! Yes, a doublet loupe. 18mm opening. Comes packed in a nice plastic carry box.

Great promotion for only $2.95 each!  New! Lower minimum order! Minimum order is only 48 loupes.

We give a 15% discount if you order a gross (144) at a time. When you go to the shopping cart, in the Promotional Code box just type the word loupe and it will be applied.

Shipping will be added to your credit card charge. This site doesn't actually charge your card, Renie does, typically $12 to $30 extra depending upon weight and destination. If need a shipping quote please call Renie (404) 255-9565




If you'd like to have your company logo or name imprinted on them, we have someone who can do that for you, please call us directly for more information or to order engraved loupes. Even to reorder loupes engraved for you in the past at: 

(404) 255-9565  and speak to Renie.

Product   Price
195-Chrome 10 Power Eye loupe   $2.95