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Showcases/Safes/Jewelers Tools For Sale

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Every quarter I publish a list of items our fellow jewelers have for sale. Ranges from showcases; displays; gemological tools; bench jeweler and shop items; safes and an array of other things.


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There are categories and if you click on a category just those items are visible. or just look through all.

On the right (90%) is the description, price and contact info. you are contacting the owner of the stuff, not me. This is a transaction between you and them. Lots of tools, casting equipment, etc.




Contact the stores selling the equipment listed on the site. You will buy it from them, I'm not the middle man, nor do I warranty anything between the buyer and seller.


There are 20 stores selling showcases, 2 safes for sale and at least 1 laser Welder for sale in addition to other equipment, shop tools, casting machines, etc, etc, etc.


Click this link or the picture to go to the new website just for tools and showcases