David's suggested links
These are excellent places on the web to help you further your business and education.

New Approach School

Excellent 1 week classes on:

·         Basic jewelry repair
·         Advanced jewelry repair
·         Basic Setting
·         Advanced setting
·         Laser welding
·         Wax Carving
·         Hand engraving

In addition The New Approach School offers a 12 week course where they can take an inexperienced person and in 12 short weeks give them back to your store and do virtually any repair in the box-quickly, correctly and profitably.



Revere Academy

Alana Revere is a Master Goldsmith trained in Europe. Almost 40 classes covering all aspects of the jewelry industry. Classes range from 1 day to 3 months, which include:

Revere Classes
Ancient Chains; Casting; Engraving; Fabrication 1; Fabrication 2; Fabrication 3; Fabrication 4
Fabrication 5; Fold Forming; Gemology 1:Diamonds; Gemology 2:Gem ID; Gemology 3:Pearls
Gold Soldering; Granulation 1: Silver; Granulation 2: Gold; JA Bench Test Prep; Jewelry Design
Marketing; Metalsmithing 1; Metalsmithing 2; Mold Making; Platinum Fabrication
Polishing & Finishing; Rendering 1;Rendering 2; Repair 1; Repair 2; Seting 1; Seting 2; Seting 3
Seting 4; Seting 5; Surfaces 1; Surfaces 2; Trade Practices; Wax 1; Wax 2;

Alan also has authored many books specific to our industry for the bench jeweler and creative person.



Polygon is the largest jewelry portal for the jewelry industry. One of the best placesto buy diamonds, colored stones and other "odds and ends" of the jewelry industry. Discussion forums for business minded jewelers. Membership is $95 per month.




Gemvision is the premier site for 2 dimensional and 3-D jewelry designing software. Many, many jewelers are making a lot of money in what others consider to be a tough economy by redesigning jewelry using this software.

The 2-D sftware is used for sales presentations and selling right from the counter. The 3-D software can be used in the same way but better yet-this software can carve the waxes!

In conjunction with our price book, you can stand out in the market place.