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Counter Mat, Just One

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Price: $35.00
Availability: in stock
Prod. Code: Counter Mat, Just One

Measuring 9.5" by 8.0". Has a rubber backing and on the top of the mat has this permanently printed:


We give four full colored sheets that have 20 of the most used repairs listed.

the first sheet has 3 choices on cleaning a customers ring, from


  • Ultrasonic & Steam
  • Quick Buff
  • back to factory specs

You can of course make your own and easily slip them in and out. I designed it so all 4 sheets we send you can lay under the clear top and you can easily point to the price and go about your day.


There is also "Express Pricing" listed as well. We charge 50% more for Express which is anything done while you wait or within 24 hours. Buy many jewelers can't or want to do as fast of service so for you it might mean just "faster than our normal promise date." We found when offered express service 40% of customers choose that option. 


$35.00 for a single counter mat with 4 inserted sheets.



(See option # 8 to buy 3 counter mats together for a special price of $85.00)