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*New Book Update January 2024
Version 5.0 RELEASE 6.40 January 2024

Geller Blue Book.

Newest update, January 2024 ||  GOLD $2000 to $2200 || Platinum $1000 || Rhodium $5000 to $8000

Exact same layout as the previous book so when you order newest pages they replace everything in your 3 ring binder.


What's updated?

The book itself, all 350 pages. 20% across the board increase in labor. Each and every finding as well as diamonds and gemstones costing is directly from Stuller's website. 

Completely new Watch Repair  pages, new vendor, easier to use, simplified pricing.

When you look to order heres the pricing.

  1. If you've never had a copy of the Geller book then you'll purchase at the order form 
    #1-The Complete Kit $499.00.  The kit includes the 350 page with over 7000 prices for repairs/custom/appraisals/watch repair/diamonds & gemstones.
          Also includes the QuickPick list and counter mat PLUS access to our training videos on our website.. Plus shipping.

  2. If you already have our Geller Book Kit in a 3 ring binder now then all you need to purchase are the paper pages inside the 3 ring binder, assuming your binder is in good shape.
    You'll purchase #2, just the pages on the order page. $70.00 per set of pages plus priority mail shipping.

  3. If you need more copies of the book or your binders are worn out you'll get a complete new book with current pages already inserted. You'll purchase #3  $99.00 per book.plus shipping
  4. The QuickPick Repair List is a legal size full color sheet with 20 of the most used repairs. You'll purchase #4.  You get 3 of them for $18.00
  5. Laminated QuckPick List. Our legal size QuickPick with 20 most used repairs, printed two sided can be laminated for flat use on the counter. You can take of it yourself and go to an office supply store and get it laminated or we can ship you an already laminated one.

    We laminate it will 10 mil thick laminate (very thick & durable); the price includes laminating, packaging and priority mail shipping separately to your store. $20.00 each plus shipping.  You would purchase #5. If bought by itself, priority mail shipping is $10.00 and if you order up to 4, the shipping is still $10.00.

  6. The counter mat is made for repair take-in. Soft clear plastic so customers jewelry doesn't touch or scratch your showcase glass. Like the QuickPick list has 20 of the most used repair to quickly and easily show your repair customer. You'll purchase #6.  $35.00 for one mat or save money=three for $99.00, plus shipping.
  7. Counter Mat replacement pages for those who have a counter mat with an older release. We send you just the 4 newer pages. $18.00 for the 4 pages per mat.
  8. THREE counter mats, special price 3 for $99.0, one mat for $35.00..Same mat as just above. you'll purchase #8
  9. If you still have the spiral bound book you'll buy the upgraded kit which gets you everything in #1 above. you'll buy #9. $399.00
  10.  Geller Book Download for The Edge POS program. One time fee. $599.00 and long as you have the most current release-6.40.   (This is the only point of sale program available to download the Geller Book.
  11. P.S. We no longer provide the Pen & Calculator in the kit June 2024