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*New Book Update January 2024 > Updated Pages Geller Book Release 6.40
Updated Pages Geller Book Release 6.40

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Price: $70.00
Availability: in stock
Prod. Code: Updated Pages

Now that you own the Geller Book, Version 5.0 (3 ring binder), every time we update the book you only have to buy the updates pages, no binder required. So to update to the new Release 6.40; if your binders are in good shape all you need are the paper pages. Swap them out and you're good to go!  Pages are only $70.00 per book plus shipping.

PLEASE NOTE: Shipping is priority mail  and at check out it says over $20. Its not, website doesn't charge card at all, we do.

We send you the newer pages, remove the old, in with the new! Shipping is less expensive as well. 2 books can be shipped out Priority Mail for about $10.

You must of course have the 3 ring binder, Version 5 Geller's Blue Book.

If you need additional books, just order the "additional book" for $99. This includes the pages, binder, calculator and pen.


(Replacement pages if your 3 ring binder is in good shape. $70.00 plus shipping)