February 23, 2013 @ 7:06 AM

 Here are the top 10 mistakes people make when pricing repairs:


1. Thinking of repairs as being price-sensitive

similar to the way jewelry products are.

Customers come to you because they trust

you. Want proof? Answer this simple test: Out

of 10 people who look in the case, how many

buy? (Average is two or three out of 10). Out of

10 people who ask if you can repair something,

how many leave it? (Average is nine out of 10).

There you go! It’s not price-sensitive.


2.Making the price up in mid-air and speaking

it orally. “That will run you about $45.” Bad

news, the customer might say, “Gosh, that

sounds like a lot, can’t you do better?” Okay, if

you hold your ground, fine....

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