June 30, 2017 @ 1:54 PM

Would you come to work for me for $150,000.00 a year?


I’ve asked this question of many jewelers and over 60% say YES! For many this would be a substantial raise in their pay. I also pay 100% of your medical expenses and have a company 401K plan in place. The month of December is mostly time off for my company, it’s slow then.


Would you work for me for $150,000.00 a year? You would? GREAT! You will start June 1st. Casual dress.


Oh, I forgot to mention. I only give out one pay check and it’s for the $150,000.00.


I pay every year on May 31st!


Is there a problem? I mean $150,000.00 is probably more than you make now. What? You can’t afford to go a year without a paycheck? ...

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