November 11, 2014 @ 2:11 PM

How to get more customers in your store this holiday with BIG Numbers!
This was suggested to me last year by a jeweler/client of mine. I then posted this on (a jewelers buy/sell/discussion network-you should join) and several jewelers signed up for this and had sales versus cost of numbers like 10 to 1.
You and your family have used these yourself, they came in your mailbox. These are called Wow Cards and WOW is what you'll say when customers flood your store. They arrive in your mailbox as a postcard. So unlike email which has on a good day a 30% open rate Wow cards have a 100% open rate. Meaning you have to at least look at it (open rate) and decide to keep it or toss it. Many women pop the perforated card off and either use it/put it on the refrig or in their purse.



The Wow Card company takes your mailing list and the first thing they do (at no charge) is to clean up your list, correct zip codes and get rid of duplicates-saving you money.


Every Monday they send out all Wow Card orders submitted the previous week (that's fast). Your customers come in and use the card against a purchase. There is no minimum purchase (for most stores). Yes you'll get a few creeps who will pick up an item equal to the card value but other spenders spend a heck of a lot more. Just look at the testimonial on the picture above. The jeweler spent $993 with Wow Cards and it brought in $75,000. For every dollar they spend on Wow Cards they took in $75. 
That card above is a $50 gift card, they had 155 people use it.
155 people x $50 = they gave discounts of $7,750. Sales were $75,000. That means after all is said and done sales before discount was $82,750.00. They gave out discounts of approximately 10%. Whoopie De Do, ten percent.
Direct mail still works great, especially since the whole world think web/internet is it. Nope, not until you get rid of your mail box it just ain't so-the mail box at home has less junk mail than ever. That's an advantage.
This idea is to send this out to your customers for the holidays. Several jewelers told me they asked their customers if they were going to buy jewelry this past holiday anyway (to see if they discounted when they didn't need to) and an over whelming majority said they were not going to buy jewelry and this card persuaded them. 
Here's a picture of the front and back of the card and of course the company will customize as you'd like.
or go to our website to read more about it:

Here's to a great holiday season

David Geller